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Our objectives: To stimulate interest in Mineralogy, Paleontology and the Lapidary Arts. Individual interests include collecting, identification and display of minerals and fossils, and many aspects of jewelry design and fabrication.Member interests include collecting, identification and display of minerals, gems, fossils. Members share and develop their artistic skills in jewelry design and creation.

Our monthly meetings provide social and educational experiences. Field trips give collectors chances to find specimens and enjoy the out of doors, exercise and time with old and new friends. GMSS is a 501(c)(3) Public, Non-Profit organization.


Ponderosa Plaza
209 Oswego Street
Liverpool, New York

There is no February General Meeting or Junior Rockhounds Meeting

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 , Board Meeting 7:00 pm  

March 15, 2021   GMSS Meeting, 7:30pm, Dave Millis, The Rock Doc



Current Officers:
President  Dick Lyons
Vice-President Kris Boronczyk
Treasurer  Mary Davis
Secretary Cathy Patterson
Junior Rockhounds  Rick Moore
Membership Chair  *Interim -Cheryl Brown
Sergeant-at-Arms  John Sweeney  
Gem World Show Chair  Cheryl Brown
Club Librarian  Steve Albro
Lapidary Committee Contact  Joann Suchon
Newsletter Editor Larry Petry
Website  Dana Schwartz
Past-president  Mark Grasmeyer
Facebook editor Judy Cook
Photographers Extraordinaire Judy Cook, Steve Albro
Hospitality Committee Chair Mary Davis


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